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​Key Fob

These RFID Key Fobs are categorized by the frequency band in which it operates. Low, High or Ultra-high frequency

Modern key fobs operate through RFID, a smart barcode system that utilizes electromagnetic fields to locate and monitor data on “tags” containing the stored data. Radio waves are used to pass the data.

Due to their ease of use and management, key fobs are commonly accepted. They eliminate the wiggling process of a metal key in a lock – all you need to do is hold or wave the fob over the reader.

Key fobs give the same feature as traditional keys but provide added safety and security. If a fob is lost or you want to deny someone (say, a former employee or tenant) entry, access to that specific fob can readily be cancelled.

Key Fob


Wrist Band

  • Due to the security, cost-saving and revenue increasing benefits of RFID wristband technology, many organizers are turning towards the technology to help optimize their events.
  • Some benefits of Wristband RFID technology includes:
  • Reduce queues
  • Eliminate theft and fraud
  • Build better connections with sponsors
  • Go cashless
  • Increase attendee engagement on-site
  • Create an experience
  • Collect real-time analytics
  • Simplify the check-in process
  • Expand the VIP experience
  • Give people something to remember


NFC Sticker

These days, NFC technology is quite prevalent in most high-end smartphones. Small tiny NFC tags can also be used to store and transfer data, as well as phone-to-phone communication. You may have noticed tiny NFC tags next to advertisements near bus stops, stickers in shops, or even the smart concept incorporating NFC into business cards.


Mifare Sticker Disc

This white PVC disc tag is one of a family of passive, contactless, transponders designed for effective asset tagging. The tags have low frequency transponders that conform to the Mifare Ultralight / ISO14443A standard and carry a unique 7 byte tag identity. They are designed to be used in a wide range of applications offering a robust tag that can stand up to most normal workplace environments.

These  tags come in packs of 10 and are available in 20mm diameter.


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