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What are Rewritable Card Printers?


Rewritable printing technology does not require a ribbon to personalize cards. The card itself holds a thermosensitive material that becomes visible when heated to 356°F (180°C) temperature and then quickly cooled.

Any color pattern will be erased by applying a lower temperature, generally within the range of 230-320°F (110-160°C).

Rewritable card printer

This method takes advantage of two chemicals that interact with each other according to selected temperature thresholds. This heating/cooling process is handled thanks to a thermal head.


What are the benefits of Rewritable Card Printers?


1) Cost-effective:

  • No cost relating to ribbons
  • Cards can be reused up to 500 times.


2) Efficient printing features:

  • Data can be edited on the spot, whenever needed.
  • Can be printed on cards very quickly
  • Visible at a glance for increased interactivity with customers.


3) Multiple applications:

Suitable for magnetic stripe and contactless applications.

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