Nets & Ez-Link are the Contactless e-Purse Application Specification in Singapore.
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What is CEPAS Card?


CEPAS, the Contactless e-Purse Application Specification, is Singapore’s electronic money smart card specification. CEPAS has been implemented across the island.

With two primary players, NETS and EZ-Link, the present micro-payment landscape in Singapore is divided with distinct norms. EZ-Link regulates the room of transportation and NETS regulates the room of the motor (ERP, car park). NETS also dominates the retail room, with restricted presence of EZ-Link. Cards and readers from both suppliers are presently unable to interact and customers are holding separate cards to pay for various services and products. CEPAS, however, seeks to open up and level the playing field for micro-payments.

CEPAS card Singapore

Since then, NETS card holders will be able to use their cards to pay for transit and EZ-Link card holders for retail and motoring payments.


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